Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving shadows

The clear, late November light casts interesting shadows.

The millinery shop advertisement on the side of this building at Washington and Main may look like it is from another era, but it's fairly recent. It was painted when scenes from the 1993 movie "Sommersby" were filmed in Lexington. I didn't live here then, but I've been told that the streets were covered with dirt to recreate what the town might have looked like during the Civil War. (The round shadow over the mural is from one of the street-light wreaths, already up for Christmas.)


Tanya said...

Oh that's neat. I've not seen Summersby but now I'll have to rent it!

Z said...

Interesting factoid. I have seen Sommersby, but don't remember much so it might be time to see it again.

jill said...

It does indeed look as if it's been there many years. This is a stunning photo.

Joy said...

Hi! I just found this site because you posted a pic of a friend's house in Jackson Ave (the red roof). I grew up in Lexington and love this site!

On a side note, my dad was an extra in Sommersby. In the last scenes, when she bursts through the crowd, she elbows my dad. He's got a beard (his beard is there all the time--it wasn't just for the movie) and a top hat on, if I remember correctly. I'll have to go rent it again now too!

Thanks again for this wonderful site! Ever since I found it a few days ago (thanks to my friend posting it on her facebook account), I've looked forward to seeing the daily picture and taking a quick trip down Memory Lane with my morning coffee. Your descriptions are so appropriate to the culture of such a wonderful town. Thank you!