Monday, April 6, 2009

Man and nature

The spring house at Brushy Hill preserve.

The city of Lexington owns over 500 acres in Rockbridge County, about three miles from town, kept as a nature preserve, with former logging roads now forming a network of trails. This old stone spring house (with its shiny new roof) sits down by Union Run, next to the small parking area. It's a little bit of man-made that is not out of place in its natural surroundings, I think.


Tanya said...

It fits in very nicely. We are on a spring and I wonder where the original spring house was. There are a set of old steps that lead down to it but you'd think there'd be an actual building somewhere, or possibly some remains of one.

Coleen said...

I was just at this very spot a while back, tried to snap a shot and it looks nothing like this one. Nice work! Have you got another photo blog?

Kate said...

I graduated from WnL in 2006 and my friend just showed me your blog the other day, it makes me so nostalgic! We have a mountain house up in the Catskills and there is a creepy old spring house a few hundred yards into our backyard, I wish I had known about this one, though!