Sunday, March 15, 2009

Church on Sunday: Arches

The south tower and entrance front of Trinity United Methodist Church on Main Street.

The roots of this church run back to 1794, to a lay preacher named William "Billy" Craven - a stonemason - who first organized Methodist services in the home of a friend.

The present Romanesque Revival church on Main Street is the fifth structure, on the third site, that the congregation has built as they have expanded. It dates to 1926. According to the church website, the debt from the construction cost of $120,000 proved onerous during the Depression that followed. It does seem an impressive sum for that time.


Jacob said...

Good the light on the building contrasting with the blue in the sky.

Did you ever notice how so many older Methodist churches look alike?

Babooshka said...

I do love your archtiecture against thoe piercing blue skies. Works so well with churches.

Hilda said...

I think it's beautiful and I love the contrast of the brick work and that wonderful blue sky.

I hope the church was able to recover from that debt. Sounds like awful luck in the timing.