Friday, March 6, 2009

Five, if you can find them

The Presbyterian Manse on White St. has five identical and unusual chimneys.

There was no good vantage point from which to catch all the chimneys (from up in the air would have been best!), but this shot has pretty light, and shows the inspired shed with matching trim work hidden behind the house.

The Manse, built in 1848 for the Lexington Presbyterian Church in the up-and-coming Gothic Revival taste -- and in strong contrast to the Greek style of the church itself, completed just 3 years earlier -- is one of my favorite houses in Lexington. (I'll show the front in a later post.) The site chosen was then on the outskirts of town, in an almost pastoral setting several blocks from the church. As the small lane or alley on which it fronted attracted new construction over the next couple of decades, the road was eventually widened and named White St., after the first occupant of the Manse, Rev. William S. White.

The Manse remains the residence of the minister of Lexington Presbyterian Church.

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Greg Dimitriadis said...

The light in this picture is indeed excellent. I could only find four chimneys though...