Sunday, March 1, 2009

Theme Day March 2009: Glass

The rose window of R. E. Lee Episcopal, through the snow.

Today is the first of the month, and city daily bloggers around the world are posting on the March theme: Glass. Since my Sunday post is usually of a church, it was easy to combine the two this week.

It may not rival Chartres, but the church keeps this window lit every night, and it's a pretty and comforting sight on an after-dark ramble through the town. Particularly so when it is snowing (March is "coming in" lion-like), as it was last night.

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Babooshka said...

There has been alot of stained glass, but the snow element here makes me think of a shook up snow globe. Lovelyc choice.

Tanya said...

Ditto what Babooshka said! Enjoy the snow MK...supposed to be getting more shortly!

lemon said...

Very nice photo, like a Christmas card!