Sunday, December 21, 2008

Church on Sunday: Phoenix

The steeple of Lexington Presbyterian Church reaches for the heavens.

A Lexington landmark at Main and Nelson streets, the original 1844 Greek Revival church was designed by Thomas U. Walter, who later went on to design the dome of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. "Stonewall" Jackson worshipped here, and is remembered for the Sunday school classes he taught for both slave and free blacks in the town.

On July 18, 2000, a fire caused by maintenance operations engulfed the steeple, eventually causing its collapse - taking an 850 lb. bell with it - into the sanctuary below. (See a photo of the fire here.) The church has been painstakingly restored; in 2002, local school children were given a holiday to witness the dramatic replacement of the clock and steeple.

** Rob at Trieste Daily Photo has given me an award! (Actually, two blogging awards which seem to be making the rounds together.) Thank you very much, Rob. I will have to wait until tomorrow to respond, but in the meantime I want to send everyone your way to see your beautiful and evocative photos of Trieste and its environs, like this one.


Hilda said...

Very impressive history. I think it's wonderful that the church was restored — the community had every right to be proud of that accomplishment.

Congratulations on your award! I think you truly deserve it. I read your description of yourself and it's hard to believe that you're not a photographer — your images are fantastic!

Zsolt72 said...

I envy that sunny weather. Today we had something similar but usually this day its rather gray.

mkhansen said...

Hilda -- thank you! As I said to CluelessInBoston yesterday, I'm trying. It's interesting to try to capture in photos what it is you like about the place you live, don't you think? Not so easy, either.

Zsolt -- I have to admit, I took this picture several days ago during a break in the weather. We've been having lots of grey, too.

gogouci said...

Another beauty.

babooshka said...

Interesting history and the image it's self is a very strking uoshot against that marvellous blue sky.

Marc said...

Very good image. Never heard of Lexington before, but really nice to find out through your site.