Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue and gold II

The "carpenter Gothic" central gable of the St. Patrick's parsonage.

Built in 1840, the painted brick parsonage predates the church it serves by 113 years. It's possible there was another church on the site before the present one, but I haven't yet found evidence of it. (A small church on Henry St. - now the Gospel Way Church of God - is referred to as "Old St. Patrick's," which suggests that the congregation moved here from there at some point.) It seems likely that this was originally a private residence adapted by St. Patrick's for its purposes.

Whatever its history, the parsonage has charm. Here it is, tucked beside and behind the more modern stone church:


Hilda said...

That gable is beautiful! And so's the stone church from yesterday's photo.

MurciaDailyPhoto and said...

It's a very interesting history about this church.

m_m said...

Brilliant photos and very interesting story. Great architecture of this building!