Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From tiny acorns...

Iron oak leaves embrace the acorn logo of J.F. Brown Real Estate on Washington St.

This beautiful and imaginative sign went up a couple of years ago, and really raised the bar for business signs in Lexington, I think.

I became aware of the advantage to a town of a talented sign maker when we bought our first house (in New Hampshire, fifteen years ago) from a young man who had been running his sign making business from a shop on the property. (He also had built the house and shop himself.) We soon noticed that many of the best signs springing up in the nearby town of Keene were his. Today, he can walk down Keene's Main St. - and many another street - and see his work on all sides. His signs have contributed significantly to the distinctive character of the place. (If you're curious, you can see some of them here.)

Lexington clearly has access to talented sign makers, too, and when I find out who made the one above - perhaps one of the local blacksmiths? - I'll update.

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Peter said...

The shop signs ofte follow fashion like a lot of other things! With this type of sign, I think you can keep it for ever!

(Yes, I'm curious... I opened the link!)