Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feel better?

The very angular lines of the entrance to Stonewall Jackson Carilion Hospital.

So-called because, until 1954, the Stonewall Jackson House on Washington St. (the house Jackson lived in while teaching at VMI - photo to come) served as Lexington's hospital, this much newer facility on the hill behind Col Alto is now part of the Carilion group of hospitals. I understand why an up-to-date hospital wants to project an image of cutting-edge modernism, but in many respects it seems to me that the atmosphere of modern architecture is not conducive to healing. (Others may disagree.)

I look forward (perhaps in vain) to the fashion in hospital architecture coming back around to structures that look more like yesterday's post, for example.

At least from inside the hospital one can look out on a restorative view.


Greg Dimitriadis said...

I totally agree with you. I much prefer hospitals in victorian style, they feel less impersonal (although they must be very expensive to heat/cool).

I like your blog very much so I am transmitting you the Kreativ Blogger award. You can visit to pick up the award. Please don't feel obliged to transmit it to anyone if you don't like chain awards.

Peter said...

The looks of a hospital are important, but of course good doctors, nurses and modern equipement may come first! :-)