Sunday, February 22, 2009

Church on Sunday: Dissent

The stained-glass cross in front of St. Paul's Anglican Church, at Nelson and Davidson streets.

As I understand it, St. Paul's was formed a decade or so ago by a group of dissenting parishioners from R. E. Lee Memorial Episcopal. They considered that the Episcopal Church in the U.S. had strayed too far from the true teachings of the Church, and, among other things, were concerned about changes being made to the Book of Common Prayer. The new congregation allied itself with the more orthodox Anglican Church in Africa.

The church was designed by local architect Hans Schweitzer, who died last year. Its low lines, board-and-batten siding and metal roof give it a rather homey aspect, with a Swiss (or is it Scandinavian?) flavor. So, this church appears to bring together influences from England, the United States, Africa and Switzerland -- neat trick.


Hilda said...

Whatever its design influences, I like it! You're right about the home-y look, and that's the part I like.
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Julie said...

great photo and very interesting narrative. The cross and architecture look beautiful

Clueless in boston said...

I like the angle of your shot, very nice composition. Interesting that they would have a stained glass cross out front.