Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A very civilized infirmary

The portico of the "new" VMI hospital.

This building, originally the house of Samuel F. Jordan (a local builder, son of prominent Lexington builder John Jordan), was purchased by VMI in 1870, and enlarged in 1909. At some point it replaced the old hospital, a relatively small building that has since been torn down.[*] (It had been completed just in time for an 1849 mumps epidemic in the corps, according to The Architecture of Historic Lexington.)

Yesterday's house is visible at the right.

Tomorrow I'll post a photo of the entrance to the recently renovated and expanded Stonewall Jackson Carilion Hospital, which serves the general area. I'll then let you decide where you would rather convalesce.

*[Update: The old hospital has certainly not been torn down as I had been told -- I just spotted it in one of my photos! Will post a picture of it at a later date.]

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Hilda said...

This is the prettiest hospital I have ever seen! Must feel like you're just on vacation if you're out on the patio.

Will wait for your next hospital photo.