Monday, February 16, 2009

Camera tricks

The chaplain's residence at VMI appears very lonely on the hill above North Main St.

It's interesting that this photo seems to represent a solitary house in somewhat wild surroundings, and even might be thought to have an air of Gothic melancholy. In truth, this gracious house sits rather convivially between two others (you can see the roof line of one of them at left), overlooking the old VMI stables across Main St., and not far from the center of town.


Coleen said...

That is great photo and I really had to think for a minute where that was-- until I read the caption. Nice !

Jacob said...

Kinda looks like he's got God all to himself!

Very nice photo!

Hilda said...

I like how your lots are so open! Almost all houses here have privacy walls. This looks so much more comfortable and not claustrophobic.

Joy said...

If I'm not mistaken, one of my friends lived in that house for a few years...I believe, although I don't recall her dad being the chaplain but at our young ages we didn't care about such things.......although he was very "high up" at VMI.......either way, love the photo!!