Friday, January 2, 2009

10 Things I like about the New Courthouse, #1

The new courthouse nears completion at the corner of Nelson and Randolph streets.

This photo introduces my New Year's resolution, of sorts -- to find ten things I can like about the new courthouse. (It's going to be tough.) Number one: The quality of light on the Nelson street facade in the late afternoon can be breathtaking.

See the old courthouse, soon to be put out to pasture, here.


Tanya said...

LOL, well that's a good resolution and should be an interesting series! I'm not sure what I think about it. It's like the second story looks historical but the bottom is more modern.
I do like that they've repeated the red brick and columns.

Marc said...

The buildings sharp lines and colors go well with the intense blue sky in this one.

Peter said...

I will wait for the following nine things before making a more final comment! :-))

All the best for 2009!

Julien Sorel said... sounds civic-minded of you, but are you sure you want to post 10 photos of a building which you don't like and which seems out of place in your distinctive and pretty little town?

Good choice on the New Year's post.

mkhansen said...

Tanya -- After some vigorous local objection to the original design, the architects did agree to try to tie in the materials and some of the details better with the existing architecture of the town. As I think you can see, though, it's not a rousing success.

Marc -- Thanks, that's what I thought, too.

Peter -- very circumspect of you!

Julien Sorel -- I see your point, but I expect the other nine to be close-up detail shots, and perhaps even views looking out from inside. The building has a few redeeming qualities; I don't want to be dogmatic about it! (Also, I kind of like this picture, despite the subject.)

gogouci said...

Pity the old can't somehow co-exist with the new.

Z said...

I like the task that you've set yourself. I'm finding that in the right light, a silk purse can be made from a sow's ear. :o)

mkhansen said...

If only, Z, if only. I shall do my best.