Sunday, January 18, 2009

Church on Sunday: Lee Chapel again

The last few days have been too cold for new photos! (I have gotten soft since moving down from the frozen north; though I prefer to think of myself as developing one of the southern refinements.) Here's another shot of perhaps my favorite structure in Lexington - Lee Chapel - taken last month.

You may remember the Chapel from this shot through the columns of Newcomb Hall.

The walkway at right leads through the campus of Washington and Lee, beginning at Washington St. beside the R.E. Lee Episcopal Church, past the Chapel (with the Colonnade on your left), and eventually on to the VMI Post. (The two schools are adjacent to one another, making for extensive grounds, as well as a very interesting contrast.) Surely one of the most pleasant walks in Lexington.


Per Stromsjo said...

Yes, let's think of it as a southern refinement! Good to see some more of that January sun.

Paul said...

Nice photo of a beautiful old church.
I used to have a work colleague who was named Robert E Lee, not many of us knew that, he just called himself Bobby.