Monday, January 12, 2009

Nelson Street

Another dusk shot -- Nelson Street between Main and Jefferson.

The row of Italianate cornices dates to the 1890s.

One of Lexington's primary shopping streets, this block of Nelson St. offers antiques, jewelry, fine art photography, cosmetics, women's clothing and lingerie, Celtic items and memorabilia (this area was largely settled by the Scots-Irish), and one of Lexington's two independent bookstores. And there's an old movie-theater across the street, still showing first-run movies.

Many of the upper floors throughout the downtown house student apartments.

[My original post mistakenly stated that you would see this view if you pivoted left from yesterday's church. Any readers familiar with Lexington would know that I was a block off. The church that is in fact opposite this scene is here.]


MurciaDailyPhoto and said...

Every day when I look at your blog, I think that It is a very warm city. It seems as if the buildings embraced the viewer.

Julie said...

Nice time of the evening to take this shot, MK. And I like the use of the branches - very inclusive.

D said...

I love this streetscape! It looks like a great place to spend a day wandering through all the shops!