Thursday, January 8, 2009


One hundred years of architectural fashion at Washington and Lee.

From right to left (oldest to newest):
1904 - Reid Hall, School of Journalism (originally physics and engineering)
1961 - The Science Center (roof only)
1979 - James G. Leyburn Library
2003 - Elrod Commons (the student center)


Tanya said...

Through your pictures, Lexington looks so clean and sharp. Gorgeous!

Steffe said...

I guess the architect that made the student center was inspired by the Reid Hall building.

Mo said...

Thats a lot of history

Peter said...

... and the 2003 building brings us back to a more old-fashioned exterior design!

Anonymous said...

The Science Center was under major renovations in the late 1990's... so while the bones of the building may date to 1961, the massive exterior is more modern.