Sunday, December 28, 2008

Church on Sunday: Column

Column and capital of the porch of the Trinity United Methodist Church on Main St.

I'd like to take more pictures of this church and its interesting details, but, alas, I'm going to have to get out a lot earlier in the morning to catch the sun on its façade!


Julie said...

Two Presbyterians, a Uniting and a Baptist ... what a neighbourhood of faith surrounds you.

Peter said...

... and a jet trail again!

Marc said...

Worth getting up early for. Beautiful how the white at the bottom turns into blue at the top. Nice lines. My compliments.

mkhansen said...

Julie -- You have no idea the number of churches; I must figure it out per capita. Some are just limping along, though. I just hope I can keep this blog going long enough to show a glimpse of each of them.

Peter -- Yes, I went a little crazy trying to catch them.

Marc -- Thank you!