Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sirens and Lights

Fire engines stream down Main St. at the beginning of Lexington's annual Christmas parade.

Freezing your toes off, apparently, is part of the fun.


Tanya said...

LOL, well I'm glad ours was during the day. We did end up going and I'm happy we did. Did your son have fun in the parade?
Nice photo :)

valeria said...

Those trucks are so "american"!!!
I was impressed by your kind comment on my blog, thank you!!

jill said...

Very nice shot of your parade. I remember many a parade in OH for the 'freezing toes off' part. (We haven't had the first frost here yet!)

mkhansen said...

My son had a good time (despite frozen fingers), but these events are not quite my cup of tea -- I would rather have had a hot cup of tea!

Valeria -- The trucks are a very American twist, aren't they? What it all has to do with Christmas, I can't say.

gogouci said...

Bright lights, parade and uniformed men, who could ask for more.