Tuesday, December 30, 2008

School colors

The view from the Superintendent's box at the stadium at VMI. Center left is the rear side of Jackson Hall, the VMI chapel. This was the light on an unseasonably warm Christmas afternoon, showing the school colors of red, yellow and white (with a little blue thrown in).

North Main St. separates the larger part of the VMI campus (or "Post") from the stadium and other buildings on the east side. At lower left you can see the footbridge that cadets use to cross above the street.


Tanya said...

Love those warm tones with the glow of the afternoon sun. Christmas was a great day to get out and walk around! Looks like today is gearing up to be a nice one as well :) haven't checked the temps yet though!

JM said...

I agree with Tanya, the warm tones and light are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, I love the buildings colours and the trees.

I look forward to seeing more through-out 09.

Happy NY from NZ!

Hilda said...

That's a massive building! It can't just be a chapel, can it?

Lovely colors and warm light in your photo. Very serene.

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous new year!

Per Stromsjo said...

Now there's that special light again. Not only does it get cold with the sun low at this time of year, the entire tone of the landscape changes.