Monday, December 22, 2008

Extra Post: Blogging awards

(I originally included this with the post above, but I decided that was too unwieldy, so I've added this extra post.)

Yesterday I received these 2 awards from Rob at Trieste Daily Photo. (See yesterday's post for a link to one of my favorite photos from his fascinating blog.) Thank you very much, Rob! It is now my privilege to pass the awards on to eight other bloggers.

As is my custom with chain messages of any kind, I will not request that anyone pass these on who does not care to. This is my tip of the hat to you, to say that I enjoy your blog and want others to see it, too. I especially like the idea of the Proximidade Award, above, in recognizing how these blogs bring us into proximity with others, whom we would otherwise never know.

I follow many art blogs, as well as daily photo blogs, so I will award mine half-and-half:

Liège Daily Photo - Greg Dimitriadis posts very interesting (and sometimes amusing) photos from Belgium.

Murcia Daily Photo - Pictures of a lovely town in Spain I would otherwise know nothing about.

Aurora Daily - Small town and rural South Africa through the observant eyes of an architect.

Hove Daily Photo - A new blog from the English seaside by a retired designer and writer.

René PleinAir - A very talented Dutch painter who has achieved an atmospheric, unique style.

Christopher Greco - This Ohio artist paints landscapes with wonderful light and color.

Artist Michael Mikolon - A California painter of figures, landscapes, and marvelous architectural sculpture.

Dordogne Painting Days - Adam Cope posts evocative paintings, drawings and sketches from this beautiful region of France.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your photos and paintings with those of us far away!

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MurciaDailyPhoto and said...

Thank you very much for thinking of me to deliver this award. I've been a little absent these days on my holidays.
It is a honor to receive this award from you.
Although a bit late: Merry Christmas, Happy New year's Eve, and, of course, I hope you have a great 2009.