Monday, December 22, 2008

Playground loner

A climbing structure in the playing field next to the elementary school. (The school is at the far left.)

I never see anyone on this structure -- it's too far away from the rest of the playground equipment. (If there was a soundtrack to this photo, you'd hear lots of children shouting and laughing off to the side.) It has the look of a piece of rustic sculpture out there, especially in combination with the fence.


Mo said...

Interesting that the kids dont play on this structure.

Clueless in boston said...

I think this type of "jungle jim" is old fashioned and kids just don't like them. Being so far away from the other playground equipment doesn't help either.

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

I was wondering what on earth that thing was! The squirrels probably love it. I can picture them running up and down. :)

Per Stromsjo said...

How high is this structure? Could you stand underneath?

Matt Jennings said...

As a "graduate" of Waddell Elementary, this photo, more than any others you have posted, made me the most homesick.

I live in Vermont now, but lived in Lexington from the time I was 3 until i was 22 (I went to W&L, as well).

My folks still live on Stonewall Street, and the next time we visit, I plan on taking my 2-year-old down to Waddell to run around on the field where I played countless pickup football games as a teenager; perhaps, he'll give that structure a whirl, too.

Keep up the great work with this site.

Matt Jennings

mkhansen said...

It's high enough for a child to stand under, I think, but not for an adult. I've now been told that some children do play on it, but I've never seen a-one. Perhaps I mistook them for squirrels.

Matt, we've had great weather for the playground this Christmas -- if you were here I hope you made it out there! Thanks for your visit.

Allan said...

My kids have played on that once or twice. We go walking down to Waddell, and occasionally they clamber over it on the way back.